Since 2007, the leading kennel in Israel for



""Once in a lifetime you meet a dog that changes Everything"

Star of David kennel was established in 2007, since then, our motto stayed the same - to try and keep improving the breed. 

Apart from their beauty, we emphasize the health and character of our dogs and perform a wide range of comprehensive medical tests that are relevant for the breed.

Our breeding is based on dogs imported to Israel from leading European Kennels, in order to create the highest quality dogs in Israel.

We aspire to excellence, our dogs participate in dog shows both in Israel and abroad.


Star of David is considered one of the world's leading Kennel for White Swiss Shepherds, our kennel offspring is spread around the world. 

The kennel founder, Avi Kosta was chosen by the Israeli Herding Dog Club to be the breed control and was certified as a White Swiss Shepherd FCI Dog Judge in official dog shows.

Star of David family

The breed story

The History

Why they called White Swiss Shepherd...

The first German shepherd dog was actually a white.... The history story of the breed contains many secrets that will surprise you. The information on our site was written after a research project. We invite you to learn how the breed was saved from extinction and how the German shepherd became a white Swiss shepherd.

Amazing with children

A picture is worth a thousand words, you are welcome to be impressed by the pictures of dogs that were born in Star of David kennel and their families.

Itay & Chiff

Best friends

Our eldest son came home a few years ago, when Itay was born we knew that there would be an amazing connection between them. Raising a child together with a dog helps the child to express his feelings and love. the connection between them contributes to Itay's development - emotions, self-confidence in such a way that in Itai's garden, one can clearly see the difference between the children.

Playing together

Sapozhnikov family

A loving kiss

Schwarts family

Family hug

Tor with Ariel & Tomer

Maya & Lopo


Proud Partners

Looking for a White Swiss Shepherd ?

Do not settle for less, Star of David is one of the world's leading breeders


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